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Divorce With Children - Cynthia J. Boyer

Divorces with minor children seem to have the most problems when determining parenting time. After the divorce, where are the parents going to be living? If one parent moves out of the school district, should the children go with that parent? Whether your divorce is in Macomb or another county in Michigan, each has a friend of the court system in place. You may have several meetings to help determine the custody, parenting time and child support.

This will be a difficult time for your children. When going through a divorce with minor children, you have to consider the children’s’ best interest. In Macomb County, the friend of the court starts parent meetings right away to assist the parents with their case.

A lawyer should help you determine a fair and equitable overnight schedule with your spouse. If both parties work during the day it may be better for both spouses to have equal parenting time. If one spouse works less hours, it may be better for the spouse to have more parenting time. Remember that the amount of overnights and income determines the amount of child support.

Each county in Michigan has slightly different procedures for going through friend of the court.

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