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Divorce Mediation in Macomb County

The mediator’s job is to help the parties reach a settlement. If both parties agree with what the mediator decides, each party will sign a sheet(s) of paper that states the settled issues. It then becomes binding and filed with the court. Most judges will usually not allow a party to change their mind after all parties have signed.

If the parties cannot settle a case before a certain time when the case was filed, the judge in Macomb County usually orders the parties to attend mediation. The parties usually agree on a mediator from the court’s list. Usually Mediators want the parties to pay their fees up front. This is separate from the legal fees. The client will send the mediator the money and the lawyer will send in a synopsis of the case and how you want to resolve the matters.

At mediation, the parties either meet in one room or in separate rooms. This depends on the mediator’s tactics. It’s always better to come together first and avoid Mediation whenever possible.

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